Don’t be “that guy”


One of the most frustrating things in technology is lack of documentation.  At work I am always asking my team to document what they’ve done; a few are stellar at doing the write-ups but most engineers hate writing docs and will avoid it if they can.  Perhaps the nadir of my professional life is the occasional search of the internet for solutions to a very specific problem, and finding someone else who asked the exact same question, only to post one final follow-up, the dreaded “never mind, I fixed it!”

Today, I was looking for documentation on how to make my SDRPlay, FTDX-3000, the various SDR applications, and CW Skimmer work together.  A few people had posted YouTube videos of their setups in operation, but critically, they didn’t explain how they did it.  On one of them, a commenter asked for a how-to, and the reply was a breezy, “it’s so easy” and nothing more.

Don’t be that guy.  You probably didn’t figure out how to set everything up in a vacuum; you stood on the shoulders of others who helped you, who wrote up what they did, and so on.  Pay it forward.  If you feel like sharing your setup, also share how you did it.  Be the Elmer you know you ought to be.

This blog will be dedicated to sharing “how I did it.”  Next up, the aforementioned fancy SDR setup (in virtualization, no less!), along with some “gotchas” I discovered along the way.


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